Here at Get Talked About there is nothing we love more than the challenge of transforming a space – applying some imagination, using our eye for style and creating something that will get a venue talked about.  This summer we worked closely with another Borders company to produce some great promotional material and at the same time transformed three venues from their normal day to day look to something a bit different.  By transforming a space in each of the three venues we created very different and contemporary looks, here’s how…

Scotland Shop is the brainchild of Anna White and based in Duns in the Scottish Borders.  We were fortunate enough to collaborate with Anna recently on a series of inspirational photo shoots at special wedding venues in the Scottish Borders with the aim of promoting the use of tartan for weddings – and tartan a contemporary twist.  The bonus for the venues we worked with was the transformation of the spaces making them something really special to get people talking.

Having made a substantial investment in state of the art technology, Anna and the team at Scotland Shop aim to become a global leader in “e-tailoring”.  The software allows online shoppers to see their chosen item of clothing in one of over a thousand different tweeds and tartans, something that up to now only fashion designers had the tools to do. Read the rest of this entry »


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